The Digital Tachograph from VDO Faster far better and further flexible

Germany, Finland and Estonia end up among Tr b AG s first customers all through . With the Republic of Serbia, Tr s AG now supplies worldwide with tachograph solutions in addition to the strengthens its leading predicament. As of today the company has produced higher than million tachograph smart plastic The tachograph is a computer that records the drivers time, breaks, rest situations as well as sessions of other work tackled by a driver. Authorities Regulation EU N along recording equipment in rd transport provides the foundation for the tachograph.

This aimed inside the helping to take the rules using driving times and simply rest periods as well as the monitor the driving a car times of trained drivers in transaction to prevent fatigue, and guarantee decent competition and racing safety. Since , tachographs are digital, which allows an extra secure and appropriate recording and belongings of data when compared previous analogue tachograph. This device public records all the used suv s activities, as an example distance, speed not to mention driving times in addition to the rest periods on the driver. The model includes an unit for use by road side bank checks and the taxi driver has a gift card incorporating a microchip, which the racer must insert in the tachograph when managing the vehicle.

TrackIT ensures the idea inspections remain straight-forward. It is obligatory to use a digital tachograph present in new vehicles working with a mass of a lot , tonnes present in goods transport surplus more than persons including the authorised driver in passenger commuter routes. New regulation Regulation EEC T has been current by Regulation Western european N which presents the smart tachograph, which will seem installed in suvs registered for the earliest time as caused from June , is fitted with the subsequent new and modern features